Everyone knows the NBA. It is the highest league achievable for a basketball player. The top sport starts already at high school. The season starts in winter and everyone has the same goal: to be recruited by a college. 

365 Exchange cooperates with top basketball programmes. One of the schools we work with even plays against the son of Lebron James.

Is Lebron James watching you next year?

365 Exchange helps the best players from the Netherlands to go to America to play sports and study at a highly regarded private high school. If you do well on the field and in class, you have a chance of being recruited by a College or University. Besides studying, which is fully paid for (a school year at a Division 1 college can easily cost $40,000 per year!) you train/play like a professional. There are even games where 75,000 fans attend.

After college, you also have a chance to be chosen by an NBA team. Every year there is a “Draft” in which teams take turns choosing a player from a college or university. Each year, 60 players are chosen.

We at 365 Exchange are in close contact with the schools to see where your perfect match is. We assess you both athletically and academically.