American football is without any doubt the greatest sport in America. Every year in August, the season kicks off and you compete with your classmates to become the best school in the state. Even though American Football is a rather small sport in the Netherlands, we still produce an incredible amount of talent. For example, Geraldo Boldewijn and Ricky Tjong A Tjoe both played for the Amsterdam Panthers and progressed from high school to the NFL. Now new talents are putting the Netherlands on the map. Tyron Vrede is playing in the CFL, Thomas Odukoya is getting ready for the NFL draft and there are guys like Edyon Batta, Jasper Djouma and Jairo Faverus who have the same dream.

Are you the next to take the step?

365 Exchange helps the best players from the Netherlands to go to America to play sports and study at a highly regarded private high school. If you do well on the field and in class, you have a chance of being recruited by a College or University. Besides studying, which is fully paid for (a school year at a Division 1 college can easily cost $40,000 per year!) you train/play like a professional. There are even games where 100,000 fans are present in the stadium.

After college, you also have a chance to be chosen by an NFL team. Every year there is a ”Draft” where teams take turns choosing a player from a college or university. Each year 259 players are drafted.

We at 365 Exchange are in close contact with the schools to see where your perfect match is. We assess you both athletically and academically.