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Our mission

The mission of 365 Exchange is to help you make this dream come true! 

We help young students to spend at least a year at a high school in the United States to study. The American school system is very different from Europe. For example: study and sports are combined and the competition of your sport takes place between schools. 

Study and sports are closely linked. To be able to train and play games with your school team, you have to show sufficient commitment and performance in high school. 

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What can you expect from us?

We arrange your entire adventure and will provide you and your parents with all the information and practical matters. You will be looked after before departure but also when you are in America, both by the school, your host family and we will regularly check how you are doing.

We distinguish the following steps:



We conduct an exploratory conversation with students and parents. We have a handy overview of accommodation, insurance and costs.


School and residence

We look for a suitable school and possible host families. We also facilitate online contact with the school.


Before departure

We arrange the papers: school, visa and flight ticket. You will also get a contact person in The Netherlands. To ensure that you can start as fit as possible, you will also receive a personal trainer in The Netherlands.


During your stay

We provide a contact person in America and help you with the follow-up process (college/university)

Meet the team

Tarek Jong

My name is Tarek Jong. I am 25 years old, grew up in Lelystad, and studied account management. At the age of 10, I came in contact with one of the smallest sports in the Netherlands: American Football. After high school, I was ready for a new challenge in order to develop further on a personal level as well as in the sport that I play with such passion. 

I decided to set my sights on America. The country where American Football is big and where you are enormously stimulated in the area of sports as well as school or education. This appeals to me personally very much. I had a great high school year and lived with a nice host family with whom I still have regular contact.  

At that time, five years ago, there was no organization that could support me well enough to realize my dream of combining sports and high school. After returning to the Netherlands, I decided to set up something myself in order to support others. A platform that makes it a lot easier for young people like me to take the step to America. Many young people and their parents, like me at the time, do not have the right knowledge, good contacts, or financial means.

Oseanu Doorn

My name is Oseanu Doorn. I am 27 years old, I was born in Blaricum, and I have completed my education in International Business Management. I love soccer and you can find me on and around the field since I was 9 years old. 

Tarek and I met through our work. His story about America and his enthusiasm for the American school system really appealed to me. He suggested that we can start a platform together for young students who want to pursue their career in America. I was immediately enthusiastic because I think it is important that young people get opportunities in sports, in the Netherlands and abroad. We have the same ideas, passion for sports and make a good team. This is how the idea of 365 Exchange came about.

Ellery Batta

My name is Ellery Batta and I am 32 years old. After my MBO 4 training as a sports instructor, I have been working as a sports instructor with the Air Force since 2007. Socializing with friends is very important to me and in my spare time, I am involved in sports and sports activities. My favorite sports are baseball, fitness, martial arts, and snowboarding.

As a sports instructor within the Ministry of Defence, I am involved in coaching and training military soldiers on a daily basis. Together with my colleagues, we ensure that the military soldiers are fit for action through sports such as running, swimming, golf, archery, and obstacle courses.

My main goal for the students of 365 Exchange is to prepare them mentally and physically for the step they are going to take in the United States. I would like to contribute to their success. 

Noach Blyden

My name is Noach Blyden. I live in Amsterdam, I am 29 years old and a certified personal trainer as well as a professional athlete. In my spare time, I mainly enjoy running, fitness, kickboxing, making music and reading. Sport is an important outlet for me and in music and lyrics, I can express my feelings. I love to develop myself and others.

As a professional athlete, I know all the ins and outs of the top-class sport and the mindset required to reach a high level. Not only the physical part is important. Many students have certain mental blocks. Thanks to my own experiences, I think I can properly guide young students who want to achieve their goals through 365 Exchange. To get to know themselves better and especially to set goals so they can fully focus on them and want to go for it.

Using my knowledge and expertise, I want to help young people realize their dreams. In addition to going international, in the next 5 years my goal is to help at least 100 students with their exchange to the United States.

I would like to contribute to the goals of 365 Exchange and support these young men and women.

Edu Brooke

My name is Edu Brooke, I am 26 years old and I come from Amsterdam. Besides a background in media and communication, I have always had a great love for sports. After playing football for 12 years, I came into contact with American Football at the age of 15 through the Amsterdam Panthers. As a small sport in the Netherlands, there were hardly any opportunities to develop further as a player, so I have seen a lot of talent lost in my years in the sport.

This has motivated me to dedicate my time to give future generations the opportunities that we never had. At the moment I am active as a coach and scout and I try to discover and develop American Football talent. With 365 Exchange I have found a partner with whom I can share this mission and give guys opportunities that we could only dream of before. By offering opportunities at the high school level, we not only offer our students opportunities to develop as people, but perhaps also as athletes.

Sidney Kunst

My name is Sidney Kunst, 32 years old and raised in Amsterdam and Lelystad. Trained as a Gym teacher, but made a career in Web Design and digital Automation.

Found a passion in American Football and Flagfootball when I was 10. With this I have traveled all over the world with the National Team of the Netherlands and I was in the pre-selection of the professional team, the Amsterdam Admirals before she retired.

Despite this, not being able to make a career in America simply because there was no good methodology and support for this. For 365 Exchange I ensure a fast and above all good experience on the website and that all systems continue to work.

With this platform, the bridge is being built to cross the ditch and continue developing the talent there. Offering the support and opportunities to the talents out there!

Bart de Kleijn

My name is Bart de Kleijn, I am 27 years old and I live in Amsterdam. Ever since I can remember I have been involved with film and photography, that is where my heart lies. In 2013 I decided to turn my hobby into my job, which is why I chose to follow several studies. I can now proudly say that in 2020 I graduated as a filmmaker from the Utrecht School of the Arts.

My specialty is portraying people and capturing adventure travels. I am fascinated by landscapes and what a place or person has to say. In it I like to bring to light the stories I intrigue me. 365 Exchange therefore asked me in 2019 if I wanted to travel to America to record a promotional film there. Both them and me liked this very much and therefore decided to start a collaboration.

My dream is to be able to combine my work with traveling and discover the world. 365 Exchange offers me a great opportunity and I do this with great love.